Krowne wins GOLD at 2013 Best of Corporate Publishing Awards for Bundesdruckerei

Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 12.41.11“Einmalig – Eine Bundesdruckerei Publikation” was named Gold Winner in the Technology category of the 2013 Best of Corporate Publishing (BCP) Awards, Europe’s largest competition for corporate publishing media. Krowne Communications GmbH was responsible for the creative implementation and project management.

With Einmalig, Bundesdruckerei positions itself as an innovative high-security company that recognizes issues which are relevant to society and the economy, promotes and facilitates progress, and stimulates public debate. Target groups include decision-makers and opinion leaders from both the public and the private sectors.

With issue #13, Krowne continued to live up to its ambitious standards, having once again implemented a unique artistic concept. On seven creatively designed sheets, Bundesdruckerei’s theme of the year, “Trust and identity in the digital world”, was approached from seven different angles.

The sheets were designed under the art direction of Andine Müller by internationally renowned illustrators and artists such as Gregory Gilbert-Lodge, Otto, Elena Kaludova and Matthias Seifarth. Short profiles of the artists are inserted in the publication. Editorial highlights under Editor-in-Chief Sepideh Honarbacht of Rat für Ruhm und Ehre, included the column by journalist Jörg Böckem (sheet 1), a debate between authors Christian Heller and Sascha Adamek on the subject of post-privacy (sheet 2), an overview of electronic identity documents in Europe (sheet 4) and an interview with the innovation guru J.P. Rangaswami (sheet 5).

The BCP awards are conferred annually by the “Forum Corporate Publishing”, an amalgamation of leading corporate publishing publishers and agencies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A jury made up of 150 well-known experts from the fields of journalism, art direction, marketing and corporate communication were responsible for judging the over 660 publications which were entered.