More custom publications delivered in 2019

Even though Krowne has developed a numbers brochures, presentations and strategic marketing collateral  over the past year for various clients, it’s always the custom publications that give us the most sense of satisfaction. 

These publications are 40 pages of editorially driven content from a variety of different companies and authors all edited together to follow a theme can be demanding but none-the-less worthwhile when finished.

This year we were especially proud of our application brief called IDENTIFICATION, that we did initially for the African market but made later available everywhere. Trying to capture an entire market place and its focus, form and function for the uninitiated in just 40 pages can be a daunting task but worthwhile when you read the end product.

And don’t be mistaken – there is still room for print as strategic collateral – especially in markets such as Africa where the demand for information that can be held and taken away is much greater. While content is always king, it’s nice to see that the print vehicle is still in favour!

Krowne is responsible for a number of customers publications and tasked by our clients to provide useable, strategic content for them. If you are interested in what Krowne can do for your custom publication need, drop us a line and let’s talk!