Developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy around the 4R’s

Here at Krowne we believe in the ‘4R’ communication method when utilising a social media marketing strategy, to not only communicate with, but keep, customers over a long period of time.

Broadly speaking, we believe that content generated and curated should be RELEVANT to end customers because relevant material will have a better chance of being received ( or RECEPTIVITY in our method). In turn, if the content has relevance and is well received, then users/viewers/readers will be more likely to re-post, forwaprd or recommend your content. In other words the RESONANCE of your content becomes so much greater than you could spread yourself and with the added edge of holding third party credibility. And ultimately? A successful social media marketing is about creating a network or community around your brand/product/ solution that will foster a long term RELATIONSHIP, hopefully creating customers out of viewers. Isn’t that we we all want?

So let me ask, do you have your social media marketing strategy ready? If not, we don’t blame you. Because the last few years was a whirlpool for social marketing to say the least. Facebook was shrouded in controversy due to its algorithm changes and privacy concerns and possible manipulations by third party actors. Instagram finally came into its own by rolling out a whole slew of business features, while also passing the one-billion user mark. All the while, brands got bolder, launching conscious and seemingly controversial campaigns as customers wanted to see brands get real.

Last year’s happenings combined with this year’s emerging trends have left marketers with a sense of analysis paralysis. Where do you go from here?

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NOTE: We have allowed clients access to this white paper since Spring 2019, but we now feel that we can open it up for everyone to access through our website. Please respect our copyright process, though…