Technical innovation is a great thing.

But communicating these cutting edge developments takes specialist skills. Krowne Communications bridges this gap with its portfolio of business-to-business media and communication services, devised specifically for the needs of major organisations operating in high technology.

For almost 20 years Krowne’s media relations and communications expertise in the global technology arena has made it a natural choice for special interest groups and companies alike. Its portfolio of media communication tools and services provides clients with a unique platform to ensure they stay on-message, on budget and in contact with stakeholders.




For some clients we’re all about bringing technology market players together.

Who we are

While some see us as online broadcast experts, for other clients we have won awards in corporate publishing and design. What all of these aspects of our work have in common is a passion for communicating technology and an understanding that content is of paramount importance.

Content is still king

We specialize in raising a client’s profile and awareness through our content development services, platform media relationship strategies and public relations. We understand technology and how to market it successfully and know that technology PR needs to be as out-of-the-box and fresh as consumer marketing, but at the same time speak the right language for each market.

What we do

Krowne Communications is a specialized B2B marketing communication and media relations company, well established in the high-tech industry. We offer services developed specifically to fit the media relations requirements of organizations worldwide, operating in the world of technology.

Social & Professional Media Platforms are vital

At Krowne we believe that with the explosive growth of social media platforms and instant communications, today’s media relations should look to create message resonance through content relevance – with the goal of forging long-term relations for our clients with their own customers and within their industry.

Where we came from

Krowne Communications GmbH was founded in Munich, in 2000, but now headquartered in Berlin. Along with our UK company, Krowne Communications (UK) Ltd, we offer our marketing communication & media relation services throughout Europe.

Experience matters

By combining our expertise and background in media communications with first-hand journalistic experience through such on-line media platforms as ‘Silicon Trust’, Krowne is well qualified to fuse both Press and PR elements together effectively and so offer our clients a unique approach to 21st Century marketing communications and media relations.

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People Involved

Krowne Management

Steve Atkins

As well as being the CEO of Krowne Communications, Steve Atkins is also the Program Director for the Silicon Trust and editor of the VAULT magazine (covering hardware-based IC security, biometrics, contactless, blockchain and cloud-based technologies). Even with almost 30 years of experience in the high tech industry, he is still fascinated with all kinds of technology and the impact it has upon end users. He is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

Karen B

Karen has been working in the high-tech industry for over 25 years covering system support, event management, corporate publishing and secretariat support for special interest groups. As well as running the UK office, she is the Marketing & Operations Secretariat for the Java Card Forum. She is currently based in the UK.

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