Krowne completes first Silicon Trust Global Online Seminar Roadshow featuring Infineon’s SECORA™ technology solutions

Following on from a successful online seminar for the EMEA region this April, Silicon Trust continued to present their SECORATM seminars for APAC and the Latin America regions on the 6th and 12th May respectively. 

SECORATM is Infineon’s family of one-stop security solutions with integrated operating system (OS) providing a cost-efficient way to fast and agile implementations. It is based on a solid chip platform, which is highly secured and reliable, as well as easy to install and delivering best price-performance ratio. 

There are four SECORATM security solutions subcategories, which were presented by Hans-Jörg Frey, Thomas Mickalski, Ajay Hanyalu and Markus Moesenbacher, respectively. 

SECORATM Pay – Flexible solution providing a complete portfolio for everything from contact cards to smart payment accessories, combined with the latest EMV-ready applications, to meet regional market requirements. 

SECORATM Connect – System solution for smart wearables to provide contactless secured payment, ticketing or access applications via Near Field Communication (NFC). 

SECORATM ID – Ready-to-go Java CardTM solution optimized for all electronic identification (eID) applications allowing maximized customization for local needs. 

SECORATM Blockchain – Fast, easy-to-use Java CardTM solution supporting best-in-class security for blockchain system implementation. 

Also speaking were Ulrich Dreefs from Fidesmo presenting “Onboarding Payment and other Services to Smart Devices” and Benjamin Drisch (and Fermín Teuctzintli Vázquez Pérez for the Latin America Seminar) from cryptovision presenting “Fast prototyping of multipurpose eID cards on Infineon‘s SECORA ID X platform”

Security solutions are complex and diverse. New application markets require their own form factors, which only adds to the complexity. Infineon Technologies appreciates the Silicon Trust’s efforts to establish and execute a series of three SECORATM webinars that addresses both these established and new markets such as Payment, ID, Access, Wearable & Convergence Applications. During these webinars Infineon, Cryptovision and Fidesmo presented their products, services and solutions for all these application markets. Based on the feedback we got, one of our take-aways is that such kinds of solution-oriented webinars really connect with our customers”. “Performing the three webinars at slots which are time-wise friendly to Asia, Latin America and EMEA respectively was another reason we found such a willing and engaged audience.

Rainer Bergmann, Director Special Projects Smart Card Solutions and Infineon SCS representative for the Silicon Trust

By the end of the seminar roadshow on the 12th May, the seminar had had representatives attend from over 40 separate countries throughout the world, with registrations numbering over 260. A significant number for the first-ever Silicon Trust roadshow. Timings were kept to local time zones, as well as simultaneous translations in Spanish for the Latin America seminar. 

Last, but not least Krowne – for the first time ever – offered simultaneous translation (English – Spanish,) during the Latin America webinar. A great idea and appreciated by the Latin American audience. All in all, I am sure that these webinars demonstrated once again, that establishing HW-based security solutions is not an activity by an individual single company, but it is all about partnering and cooperation. I hope that Krowne will organize webinars for Silicon Trust members and friends in the near future.

Rainer Bergmann, Director Special Projects Smart Card Solutions and Infineon SCS representative for the Silicon Trust

Feedback was also positive from the attendees from all regions, with many writing to express their satisfaction of the 2-hour seminar. 

This positive feedback from both presenters and attendees has given the Silicon Trust a drive to present more seminars in the future. The next seminar session proposed for the autumn/ winter timeframe will aimed at the needs in African countries. More details will be available this summer.