Krowne completes first Silicon Trust Global Online Seminar Roadshow featuring Infineon’s SECORA™ technology solutions

Following on from a successful online seminar for the EMEA region this April, Silicon Trust continued to present their SECORATM seminars for APAC and the Latin America regions on the 6th and 12th May respectively.  SECORATM is Infineon’s family of one-stop security solutions with integrated operating system (OS) providing a cost-efficient way to fast and… Read More

2020 made webinars and virtual events a key tool in the marketers toolbox – but which is better?

Personally, I used to consider webinars and virtual events to be an inferior substitute to the ‘real’ thing of conferences and events. After all, the pay off for attending an event in real life is the ability to networks and create a potential relationship with customers ‘face-to-face’. It took 2020 and a global pandemic to… Read More