Happy 1st Birthday ! Endless Shelf Platform & ESP Magazine

The Endless Shelf Platformwas launched by Krowne, in 2013 as an online portal that brings together exciting case studies of innovative technology implementations that change the way we shop, engage, educate, travel and so on. Itwas set up to tell stories, where the clever use of technology such as digital signage, smart cards and mobile… Read More

Krowne wins GOLD at 2013 Best of Corporate Publishing Awards for Bundesdruckerei

“Einmalig – Eine Bundesdruckerei Publikation” was named Gold Winner in the Technology category of the 2013 Best of Corporate Publishing (BCP) Awards, Europe’s largest competition for corporate publishing media. Krowne Communications GmbH was responsible for the creative implementation and project management. With Einmalig, Bundesdruckerei positions itself as an innovative high-security company that recognizes issues which… Read More

Krowne listed in CP Monitor’s creative ranking as #30 for 2012

Germany luurves corporate publishing, it really does. This exclusive and exquisite below-the-line activity is pretty widespread amongst the corporations, big and small. Corporate publishing addresses internal audiences as well as external ones, it ranges from monthly magazines to anniversary books – and it is booming. We, too, love corporate publishing, and have been doing it… Read More

2012 LACP awards Platinum and Gold for Krowne’s latest corporate publishing project for German Bundesdruckerei

Einmalig 13 wins Platinum in its industry category and Gold in the “most inspirational” category. The publication was ranked #17 out of the Top 100 Communications Materials of 2012. With the “Einmalig” publication series, Krowne has helped it’s customer Bundesdruckerei to position itself as an innovative high-security company that recognizes issues which are relevant to… Read More