Happy 1st Birthday ! Endless Shelf Platform & ESP Magazine

ESP MAgazineThe Endless Shelf Platformwas launched by Krowne, in 2013 as an online portal that brings together exciting case studies of innovative technology implementations that change the way we shop, engage, educate, travel and so on. Itwas set up to tell stories, where the clever use of technology such as digital signage, smart cards and mobile solutions give retailers, local councils, public institutions (to name but a few markets) a real competitive edge.Addressing such issues of inventory holding, extended shopping hours, ultimate consumer choice and ease of payment, the Endless Shelf Platform offers the opportunity for those companies involved in display or mobile payment technology and consultancy services to allow retailers, other interested parties to realize the opportunities, and reduce the risks, of today’s shift to digital display and mobile payment technology.

The ESP Magazine (edited by Veronica Atkins) is the publishing vehicle of the Endless Shelf Platform. The first edition of the ESP Magazine looks at some very exciting examples of retailers that are pushing the boat out when it comes to engaging their mobile-using customer base.

First off is a heidi.com shop in Switzerland. We invite you to read about this Swiss brand that has been catapulted into the centre of a multichannel retail whirlwind: it took 3 months, some six companies, lots of creativity and plenty of air miles between the persons involved to get a truly unique and innovative retail solution on its way.

German megabrand adidas is more of a veteran in the interactive signage arena. Their Virtual Wall is still a benchmark, so we wanted to remind our readers how a standard store wall became an ‘endless shelf’. It took vision and persistence, qualities that we will be reporting about from now on.
There is now an abundance of mobile phones and their owners who are eager to use them. Combine this with immersive technology along with companies who are willing to work on a first-class customer experiences and the result is a new, exciting relationship between retailers and customers. And not only retailers and their customers but also towns and tourists, universities and students…

Welcome to the ‘Endless Shelf’, where the digital screen becomes an entry point to a whole new world of connectivity. 2015 will, no doubt, bring new highlights in this emerging market.

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