AIRTAG raises 4 million euros

Founded in 2006 and located in Malakoff in France, AIRTAG provides retail companies with the technologies (including NFC) required to convert their points-of-sale into interactive, connected and intelligent spaces in which to create customer loyalty and improve sales. They have  also just completed their second funding round from CM-CIC Capital Privé and its traditional investor… Read More

The First Commercial Rollout of Mobile Contactless Services in Nice Paves the way for a National Deployment in France

The AFSCM (Association Française du Sans Contact Mobile) say they have drawn positive conclusions from the first European mobile contactless rollout that took place in Nice last May. A qualitative survey demonstrates positive user feedback, underlining a quick and enthusiastic adoption of “cityzi”-branded contactless services and mobile phones. The strong cooperation between project participants has allowed… Read More

FidBook, the first NFC application enabling easy-load loyalty cards on a NFC phone is launched in Nice.

We all know that NFC offers the opportunity to have multiple contactless services on one mobile. Those Services are independent applications of different providers (Banks, Transport companies, Retailers etc.). But in addition to that, transport and payment services consumers are eager to use NFC phones as a wallet for loyalty cards and coupons. So AIRTAG… Read More