FidBook, the first NFC application enabling easy-load loyalty cards on a NFC phone is launched in Nice.

We all know that NFC offers the opportunity to have multiple contactless services on one mobile. Those Services are independent applications of different providers (Banks, Transport companies, Retailers etc.). But in addition to that, transport and payment services consumers are eager to use NFC phones as a wallet for loyalty cards and coupons. So AIRTAG are announcing their (drum-roll) “FidBook” – a simple NFC application enabling loading and management of loyalty cards on an NFC phone and thereby providing the advantage of coupons, discounts and premium services at participating retailers.

The service is being launched in Nice by Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and NRJ Mobile. Participating retailers are La Croissanterie, Game, Rica Lewis and more coming soon.

FidBook has an attractive and intuitive user interface enabling:

  • Load a card on a tag/Smart poster
  • Widget display of Cards
  • Add/remove a Loyalty Card
  • Display status of the loyalty Account (Number, Status, Coupons etc.)
  • Choose the display order of the Cards
  • Instant membership functionality to easily enrol in participating loyalty programs
  • Unique profile management for faster new program enrolment

    FidBook can be embedded in the mobile or a “Launcher” is embedded in the phone with the ability to trigger an Over-The-Air download of the application. The Widget architecture that is implemented enables easy addition/removal of a card or allow enrollment in a new program. FidBook is compatible with both SIM centric and Mobile Centric NFC architecture and is portable on all the NFC phones on the market for any mobile carrier and will be available on other OS environment (Android etc.)