The First Commercial Rollout of Mobile Contactless Services in Nice Paves the way for a National Deployment in France

The AFSCM (Association Française du Sans Contact Mobile) say they have drawn positive conclusions from the first European mobile contactless rollout that took place in Nice last May. A qualitative survey demonstrates positive user feedback, underlining a quick and enthusiastic adoption of “cityzi”-branded contactless services and mobile phones. The strong cooperation between project participants has allowed… Read More

A travel Visa for mass transit

Commuters in New York and Los Angeles can use their Visa card to pay for bus, subway and train fares. In New York, Visa is allowing riders to pay using Visa payWave-enabled cards and mobile phones, while commuters in Los Angeles can use a special Visa prepaid card to ride the LA metro system. Visa… Read More

Little Chef is the first restaurant group to fully adopt contactless in UK

It’s all happening at once isn’t it. First the C-op, then AMT Coffee and now Little Chef have announces that it will also be deploying a contactless payment system using Barclaycard technology across all 173 Little Chef roadside restaurants, including its Coffee Tempo brand and Burger King franchises. Following successful rollouts of contactless by Barclays… Read More

AMT Coffee completes its national roll-out of contactless payment systems using Barclaycard technology.

Today’s unveiling of the new AMT Coffee bar in Marylebone, London’s fastest growing rail station, by Adrian Shooter, Managing Director of Chiltern Railways, marks the 65th branch to adopt contactless – a payments system that will allow customers to purchase goods quicker. AMT say that a successful trial of contactless saw almost a thousand customers use… Read More

In the UK, the ‘Co-Op’ becomes first major food retailer to roll out contactless technology

The Co-operative Food will become the UK’s first major grocery retailer to introduce contactless payment in its stores nationwide after joining forces with Barclaycard. The roll-out will begin with a pilot in 100 Co-operative food stores next year after an agreement was signed with Barclaycard in partnership with Visa. If the pilot is successful, The… Read More