Shock! Horror! No NFC on iPhone 4! Is this the end for NFC adoption?

If like us you were watching the unveiling of the iPhone 4 at Apple’s WWDC to see if the much hyped NFC addition to the iPhone was going to be announced – you were in for a disappointment. With so many contactless/NFC industry commentators banging on about how Apple could ‘save/boost’ NFC applications (including the… Read More

EAT. and Subway launch in-store contactless campaigns in UK

Barclays have announced that both EAT and Subway have re-affirmed their commitment to contactless payments through the launch this week of  in-store and point-of-sale campaigns aimed at raising awareness (and hence usage) of the contactless transactional feature found on their Barclaycard. This is of consequence to the contactless payment market as both companies are in… Read More

Gemalto, Crédit Mutuel-CIC and NRJ Mobile join forces for the commercial launch of Contactless Mobile Payment in Nice

Gemalto, Crédit Mutuel-CIC and NRJ Mobile have joined forces to offer contactless mobile payment services as part of the “Nice, mobile contactless city ” project. Following the successful launch of the first contactless mobile payment pilot in November 2006, with its mobile virtual network operator NRJ Mobile, Crédit Mutuel-CIC is today positioned as a major… Read More

Gemalto and Orange Partner to Deploy Trusted Services in Europe’s First Commercial Mobile NFC Roll-out

Gemalto today announced the continuation of its long-term partnership with Orange France, as part of the “Nice, mobile contactless city” commercial project. Orange has selected Gemalto as partner for its Near Field Communication (NFC) solution, enabling the interconnection with any service provider, such as banks and transport operators. The “Nice, mobile contactless city” project is… Read More

Cityzi – new word for ‘Contactless Nice’ – new logos too!

OK, OK, everyone settle down. So the long-awaited Nice pilot is about to be launched on the 21st May. This we already knew, but the latest buzz is about the name under which it will be launched – Cityzi. Don’t ask us how to pronounce it. Every time we try it come out in a… Read More