Think&Go NFC to offer 300 free NFC devices for companies to test NFC Services and Profitable Business Model

NFC start-up Think&Go NFC is offering free NFC devices to companies who wish to deploy or experiment with NFC powered services. The devices will include a selection of Alternative NFC Devices (Mopho’s NFC Mobile Wallet, TwinLinx’s MyMax and WDI’s iCarte for iPhone) and best of breed NFC phones as they are released, and will be… Read More

Shock! Horror! No NFC on iPhone 4! Is this the end for NFC adoption?

If like us you were watching the unveiling of the iPhone 4 at Apple’s WWDC to see if the much hyped NFC addition to the iPhone was going to be announced – you were in for a disappointment. With so many contactless/NFC industry commentators banging on about how Apple could ‘save/boost’ NFC applications (including the… Read More