The First Commercial Rollout of Mobile Contactless Services in Nice Paves the way for a National Deployment in France

The AFSCM (Association Française du Sans Contact Mobile) say they have drawn positive conclusions from the first European mobile contactless rollout that took place in Nice last May. A qualitative survey demonstrates positive user feedback, underlining a quick and enthusiastic adoption of “cityzi”-branded contactless services and mobile phones.

The strong cooperation between project participants has allowed the successful rollout of interoperable cityzi services in Nice: access to local and cultural information (cityzi tag reading), purchase and validation of urban transport tickets, real time traffic information and timetables (BPASS Lignes d’Azur service), smart shopping with major retailers (couponing, digital loyalty programs), contactless mobile payment with major banks, etc… These services are available to owners of Samsung Player One cityzi phones. They use a SIM card as secure element, thus meeting security requirements from all stakeholders and allowing a coordinated and quick response in case of problem. Thanks to its open architecture and standardised “Over The Air” installation process, new service providers can regularly join the project.

The robustness of the technical solution, compliant with international standards, and the overall customer satisfaction confirm French mobile operators and other key NFC players in their willingness to deploy a nationwide mobile contactless offer in France in 2011. This commitment will be facilitated by the availability of a wide range of cityzi handsets from 2011 and benefit from the short-term perspective of a deployment in several major other French agglomerations.

The AFSCM is a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate the technical development of interoperable mobile NFC applications and to promote their benefits among end users, service providers and technology vendors. Created in 2008 by Bouygues Telecom, Orange France and SFR, the AFSCM members today include MNOs/MVNOs (NRJ Mobile), service providers (Airtag, BNP Paribas, Crédit Mutuel-CIC, LaSer, Société Générale,Veolia Transport) and technology providers (Atos Worldline, Connecthings,Gemalto,Innovision Oberthur Technologies, Orange Business Services,Prylos, Safran Morpho, Snapp’).

The cityzi brand certifies that the mobile contactless service or device is AFSCM-compliant, guaranteeing its interoperability.

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