Standardized Match-on-Card available from market-leader Precise Biometrics

Market-leading Precise Biometrics releases new products for integration of standardized Match-on-Card for a growing market. The products support ISO standards and also leverage the technology in Precise Biometrics’ fingerprint extractor, which is top-ranked in Ongoing MINEX. Builds on ISO standard The Precise BioMatch™ ISO Match-on-Card products builds on the ISO 19794-2 standard, which specifies a minutia… Read More

Precise Biometrics launches new Fingerprint Technology Toolkit for PC & Mac

Precise Biometrics continues to build on its research results and has released a new toolkit for integration of top-performing, standardized fingerprint verification on both PC and Mac. The product has support for international standards for fingerprint templates and builds on the highest ranking fingerprint extractor in the US interoperability program Ongoing MINEX. Last year, Precise… Read More