Precise Biometrics launches new Fingerprint Technology Toolkit for PC & Mac

Precise Biometrics continues to build on its research results and has released a new toolkit for integration of top-performing, standardized fingerprint verification on both PC and Mac.

The product has support for international standards for fingerprint templates and builds on the highest ranking fingerprint extractor in the US interoperability program Ongoing MINEX. Last year, Precise Biometrics’ fingerprint extractor achieved the best result among all submitted entries to the US interoperability program Ongoing MINEX, which is organized by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST.

The technology has now been turned into a product.

The product Precise Biometrics is releasing enables verification of fingerprints in a computer. The technology is easily integrated in different applications for replacing all types of password verification and authentication methods. Basing the technology on standards offers the end-customer total flexibility allowing them to choose among different suppliers. The release comprises of both a toolkit for easy integration and a runtime license for fingerprint verification.

Precise Biometrics’ other products are in many cases based on smart card technology in which a fingerprint is stored and matched inside a smart card, termed Match-on-Card. With the new product, the fingerprint is matched locally in the computer. The fingerprint information is stored in the computer, or on a smart card for example in a PIV solution.

Karin Sveheim, Director of Markets at Precise Biometrics says that more and more customers are asking for the technology: – “Ever since the announcement of our excellent test results, we have had an increased demand, especially from the US government, to package this technology. With this product we are expanding our offer to system integrators and end-customers. It’s an enabler for more hardware sales and an alternative for those who are not looking for a Match-on-Card solution, which is the case for government PIV projects. And it is, of course, also pleasing to commercialize our great research achievements”.

The product has support for established standards. As an example: the product’s name Precise BioMatch™ ANSI 378 refers to the toolkit’s support for ANSI 378, an American standard for fingerprint templates.

You can find out more about this product by visiting the Precise Biometrics site.

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