Standardized Match-on-Card available from market-leader Precise Biometrics

Market-leading Precise Biometrics releases new products for integration of standardized Match-on-Card for a growing market. The products support ISO standards and also leverage the technology in Precise Biometrics’ fingerprint extractor, which is top-ranked in Ongoing MINEX.

Builds on ISO standard

The Precise BioMatch™ ISO Match-on-Card products builds on the ISO 19794-2 standard, which specifies a minutia template format for matching fingerprint templates on a smart card. Match-on-Card is the concept of storing and matching fingerprints on a smart card.

Basing a technology on a standard, offers interoperability, which allows the customer to choose among products and solutions from different suppliers. This gives the possibility of increased flexibility and cost-efficiency in a biometric system. Standardization verifies that a point of maturity is reached and that there is a market for the technology.

Based on top-ranked technology

The release from Precise Biometrics comprises integration tools for both smart cards and applications. On the application side, the product is based on Precise Biometrics’ fingerprint extractor that is the highest ranking extractor in Ongoing MINEX. The inclusion of this extractor ensures that the company’s partners and customers will benefit from the highest quality fingerprint recognition available on the market today.

Market is growing

Karin Sveheim, Director of Markets at Precise Biometrics says that there is a continued increase in the demand for Match-on-Card technology:

Our new Match-on-Card offering is based on ISO standards and complements the Precise Match-on-Card product line very well. This means we now have an even broader range of integration possibilities for our partners and customers, and can meet their various needs. We already have partners working on the integration of our ISO Match-on-Card. We are proud to be the supplier with the world’s largest reference implementations and close to 100 million contracted licenses for Match-on-Card, a number we expect to grow.

About ISO

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the world’s largest developer and publisher of international standards. ISO/IEC 19794-2:2005 specifies a concept and data formats for representation of fingerprints based on minutiae and provides for interchange of finger minutiae data between sensing, storage and matching systems.