Turkcell Leverages Microsoft Tag Technology in New Mobile Marketing Solution

Turkish mobile operator Turkcell and Microsoft Tag have unveiled a new mobile marketing service called MobilKod, built by Turkcell and leveraging Microsoft Tag’s mobile tagging technology. With this launch, Turkcell becomes the first mobile operator to extend the value of Microsoft Tag to provide an innovative campaign management service for marketers and advertisers. MobilKod provides a mobile marketing platform for brands and advertisers to reach millions of mobile subscribers in Turkey and beyond.

The MobilKod service offers a free service that allows marketers to create Tags. These 2-D bar codes can be placed on objects and in printed materials, and, when scanned with the free mobile application, they unlock an interactive mobile experience provided by the brand or advertiser, such as a video, photo slideshow or mobile website. With MobilKod, marketers can create and measure the effectiveness of campaigns that use Tags to create holistic brand experiences by connecting their products and materials in the physical world to information and interactive content in the digital world.

“As an established innovator in mobile marketing, our mission is to integrate mobile channels into the marketing mix for 360-degree marketing, as well as create additional revenues and expand mobile marketing through interactive experiences and advertising applications,” said Sureyya Ciliv, CEO of Turkcell. “In order to do that, we aim to transform mobile media into a highly responsive, measurable and interactive channel. Enterprises can use this channel to reach existing and potential customers while measuring the rate of return from their investments via detailed reports and analyses.”

Turkcell is investing in innovative services and products, such as location-based services, augmented reality solutions, display advertising, conceptual branded ad packages, mobile TV advertising, and video advertising for companies and brands. MobilKod is a new service to expand this product portfolio and provides the critical ability for brands to create and measure interactive campaigns that connect their products and services to convenient, on-the-go experiences for consumers.

The MobilKod Tag Reader is available in Turkey and is available for free on all supported devices, including Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, J2ME, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices by visiting http://gettag.mobi/tr.

“We’re excited to have Turkcell as our first mobile operator partner to extend the Microsoft Tag platform and offer additional value to brands and marketing partners,” said Brian Fleisher, senior director, product management and business development for Microsoft Tag at Microsoft Corp. “Microsoft Tag offers a flexible mobile marketing solution, and, combined with the innovation and reach Turkcell provides, marketers have a powerful new channel for reaching their customers when and where they’re most interested.”