Maritz Real-Time and ViVOtech Accelerate Real-Time Promotions and Loyalty Services for Mobile and NFC

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Maritz Real-Time™ (MRT) and ViVOtech have announced a strategic partnership to provide real-time promotion and loyalty services into mobile and near field communication (NFC) platforms for retailers and payments providers. Maritz Real-Time is a solutions innovator at the nexus of transactional marketing and customer engagement.  ViVOtech, the NFC software and systems company, provides the essential components required to deliver an enriched mobile commerce experience for consumers.

Unveiled at GSMA Mobile World Congress, the alliance combines ViVOtech’s NFC mobile commerce platform with MRT’s delivery of real-time data-driven rewards and redemption services.  The combined offerings will trigger consumer behavior at the optimal points of interaction and transaction with retailers, payments providers and their partners.

The partnership will provide retail and payments clients with customized services that engage customers with behavioral-based incentives and communications delivered where and when they have the greatest impact, offered on emerging NFC-enabled smart phones and existing mobile handset models.

“This partnership helps create a powerful ecosystem that’s able to offer real-time customer engagement through every channel before, during and after purchase,” said Thad Peterson, managing director of Maritz Real-Time.

Maritz Real-Time Customer Engagement® platform provides technology and services for existing or new promotional or loyalty programs. Clients can easily and quickly create programs that function across multiple channels, including mobile (outside of store), location-based mobile (in/near store), POS in-store, and online (email, web and social media). MRT’s patent pending mobile loyalty application is the first to provide rewards points and redemption capabilities in real-time on every mobile and NFC handset device.

“A new standard in mobile loyalty and marketing is emerging as a result of our partnership with MRT that will continue to forever change how businesses interact with their customers and deliver value,” said Mohammad Khan, president and founder of ViVOtech.

ViVOtech provides software and systems to enable rich mobile commerce for consumers and retailers.  Its solution includes mobile wallet components, patented OTA (over-the-air) provisioning, TSM (trusted service management), NFC touch point management, and loyalty/coupon management software; and NFC payment acceptance terminals designed to work with both emerging NFC-enabled smartphones and multiple existing mobile handset models with add-on NFC accessories. ViVOtech products are in use by prominent retailers, banks, processors, and mobile network operators in more than 35 countries.

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