Think that social media is of no use to business? Watch this.

It’s funny, but the number of people in industry that dismiss social media or digital PR models as just ‘fads’ or ‘nothing that is of use to this industry’ is bordering on the insane. There is a blind belief that social media is of little or no relevance to B2B markets. Especially (it seems sometimes) within the market of high-tech.  There appears to be a pre-supposition for many in the industry that the way people behave in the office is the way they behave outside of the office.

Now that can’t be true can it?

Sure, there are restrictions in the office on internet access for certain areas but that doesn’t mean that people don’t surf at home, in the evenings or at the weekend. And you may have a basic phone or even a smart phone for work with restricted access but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have your own phone – does it? And how many are in a professional network like Xing or LinkedIn? These are also social media models – whatever anyone says.

No, I still believe that social media is affecting us, perhaps without us even knowing or acknowledging. We could be, should be, using this social shift for our benefit – for everyone’s benefit. Social media not for business? Watch another video from Socialnomics(TM) master Eric Qualman.

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