The 2011 Contactless Monkey Award Finalists – In The High Street

Today we’re looking at those nominees that have done the most either through rollout or trials to bring NFC technology right to the very heart of metropolitan commercial centers. You and I know it as our local high street. It’s true that the high streets in questions range from the London to Kuwait, from Stiges… Read More

“La Caixa” installs the world’s first “contactless” ATMs

“la Caixa” has installed the world’s first ATMs to feature the “contactless” technology developed by Fujitsu. These machines allow customers to quickly and easily perform routine financial transactions. Contactless cards need not be inserted into the ATM card slot before transactions can be performed. Instead, users need only wave their cards next to the reader… Read More

Balearic Islands to get the largest multi-city deployment of contactless payment systems

At a press conference today, “la Caixa” & Visa launched in the Balearic Islands the largest multi-city deployment of contactless payment system in Europe. “Contactless Shopping”, the name given to this project by “la Caixa” and Visa Europe, represents a double milestone: the Balearic Islands will become the first European multi-city area equipped with a… Read More

“la Caixa”, Telefónica and Visa complete the first mobile shopping experience in Spain

“It’s all over bar the shouting” as my mother used to say. And here it is – the final score and round-up from the Sitges trial for mobile contactless shopping. “la Caixa”, Telefónica and Visa Europe have completed their mobile payment experience in the Barcelona town of Sitges. The initiative, which lasted six months and in… Read More

CISC 2010. Gone, but too good to be forgotten, just yet.

Posted by Karen Brindley, Managing Director, Krowne Communications (UK) Ltd. X This will read like a school field trip report, but after all those months of preparation, the CI Spring Conference (29th April) is finally over – and what a great day it was. A whopping 20% increase of registrations from last year and despite… Read More

Krowne gets down to monkey business – contactless awards won in London

The awards, sponsored by Visa Europe, have grown to become a highlight of the contactless industry’s calendar, and are attracting an even greater number of entrants each year. “2009 was a pretty tough year for many businesses, so it was encouraging to see so many developments in the contactless arena over the past 12 months,”… Read More