Commidea implements payment system for Nuffield Health Hospitals

Commidea has completed the implementation of its payment system, Ocius for PCs across 30 Nuffield Health hospitals nationwide and in its UK contact centre. Ocius for PC has enabled Nuffield Health to capture all chargeable treatment on their systems, speed up payment processes, simplify invoice settlement for patients and help with debt management. Nuffield Health… Read More

The 2011 Contactless Monkey Award Finalists – Transportation

We’re almost at the end of our categories now. Just a couple more to go, and the 14th will be upon us and we’ll be finding out who the lucky winners will be. Until then – it’s category 8 – Transportation. Buses, public transport, mobile ticketing – we have it all here. We’re bouncing around… Read More

“La Caixa” installs the world’s first “contactless” ATMs

“la Caixa” has installed the world’s first ATMs to feature the “contactless” technology developed by Fujitsu. These machines allow customers to quickly and easily perform routine financial transactions. Contactless cards need not be inserted into the ATM card slot before transactions can be performed. Instead, users need only wave their cards next to the reader… Read More

UK retailer Wilkinson trials contactless payments using Barclaycard technology – ahead of a potential roll-out across 350 stores

It has been reported that in the UK, 25 Wilkinson stores will be trialling contactless payments ahead of a potential roll out of the technology across its estate. With over four million customers a week, Wilkinson is the first in its sector to trial contactless and the payments system should allow many of its customers to… Read More

The 2011 Contactless Monkey Award Finalists – High Throughput Beverage

Next up, it’s the battle of the beverages (every year I find that funny. For the life of me I can’t imagine why…) So far it seems to come down to coffee. Is there anything else – we don’t think so. It’s the High Throughput Beverage category. So let’s look at the nominees and why… Read More

Contactless transactions in the UK grow 150% year-on-year

Barclays and Barclaycard, say they have seen the number of contactless transactions processed through Barclaycard terminals grow by over 150% year on year. This coincides with the news that there are now over 52,000 contactless terminals in the UK, installed by Barclaycard. This is evidence that the 12.9 million contactless cardholders, of whom over 11.4… Read More