ECON Awards Nominee for Einmalig #12

By Veronica Atkins

We love awards, we do. 

Actually, we don’t.

It hurts too much when you have to walk home with a “silver” version of whatever it is they are giving out. Nevertheless, we live in hope and can announce yet another nomination that we are quite chuffed with.

This time around it is the ECON Awards. It’s a German award that covers all aspects of communication – from PR to annual reports to corporate publishing  – and is published by the business printing house Handelsblatt. We won’t know anything until November but as they have kindly provided us with a nominee logo, we will put it out there.

What’s the nomination for? The issue #12 of the Bundesdruckerei corporate publishing project called EINMALIG (as in one-of-a-kind). Followers with good memories may remember that we got a shameful silver BCP award for issue #10 – so keep your fingers crossed for this one.