Krowne looks towards the (Korean) sun at this years Intersolar

By Veronica Atkins

We came back from this year’s Intersolar with our pockets full. Nah, not what you are thinking right now. Giveaways! Fun stuff, like little solar cars und funky bottle holders and massive carrier bags. What is my point?

Well, this industry is buzzing and you can tell by the marketing effort that is being put into the branding, booth presence  and so forth. For Krowne it was the second year at this show and we were delighted to develop and execute the investor and VIP events for Hanwha SolarOne, formerly known as Solarfun Power.

Whereas last year the event took place in a trendy bar in central Munich, this year customers needed to be convinced by the new brand and the powerhouse that stands behind it, namely the Korean Fortune 500 Hanwha Corporation. Massive in Asia but relatively unknown in Europe, the Hanwha brand and the Hanwha Logo is (thankfully) modern and stylish, so the design for invitation and collateral really were fun to implement.

The location search proved more difficult. Where to go to leave a lasting impression, preferably with a tint of the logo’s orange? Well, in Munich there is only one location that can tick both boxes: the Tantris restaurant.

Rewarded with endless accolades, including two Michelin stars, this location was a perfect match for the Hanwha brand. Customers left happy and – we are sure – will not forget the evening and it’s hosts.

Andreas Liebheit, Managing Director, Hanwha SolarOne GmbH said of Krowne, “The skill that Krowne brings to the table is communication experience:  They understand what needs to be done and deliver bespoke solutions – even at very short notice. For Hanwha SolarOne’s customer relations activities during Intersolar they were a key partner, developing and implementing a VIP event perfectly fitted to our new brand – our customers are still talking about it now. “

A short film, made on a ‘Krownie’s iPhone, of the event can be found on the opening page of