DeviceFidelity to Demo Full NFC Support on iPhone 4 at MWC 2011

DeviceFidelity is to demonstrate the newest version of its In2Pay™ technology at the Mobile World Congress 2011. In2Pay V3, which will be shown on iCaisse4 for iPhone 4, not only transforms a mobile phone into a “mobile wallet,” allowing users to make payment transactions with their handsets, it brings additional NFC capabilities to the mobile device, delivering contactless reader and Peer to Peer transaction capabilities.

These features enable users to scan smart posters and electronic coupons, upload the information to their mobile phones, and apply discounts at the time of purchase. These features also allow mobile merchants to use the iCaisse4 as a Mobile POS terminal to accept the various types of contactless cards issued all over the world. In2Pay V3 utilizes on board near field communication PN series NFC controller and SmartMX secure element from NXP Semiconductors.

“Enthusiasm for mobile transactions is growing around the world,” said Deepak Jain, DeviceFidelity President and CEO. “As part of our commitment to providing users with greater convenience and security, we’re proud to announce the world’s first microSD device offering full and secure NFC functionality. We’re also excited to be demonstrating the new In2Pay V3 features at Mobile World Congress, confirming that DeviceFidelity is taking the mobile wallet to a whole new level, making it more flexible, secure and easier to use.”

DeviceFidelity is also proud to announce that the company has joined the NFC Forum (, an organization that promotes the use of Near Field Communications technology by developing specifications, ensuring interoperability, and educating the market. NXP is one of the founding members of the NFC forum, and several key DeviceFidelity partners are already members.

“By expanding our partnership with NXP and participating in the NFC Forum, we hope to work hand in hand with key industry stakeholders to accelerate the adoption of NFC,” says Deepak Jain, DeviceFidelity. “We have already spearheaded the emergence of the microSD platform as a key market mover, enabling the NFC ecosystem to move from pilots to commercial launches. Now we plan to seek endorsement of the microSD platform as an attractive long-term alternative to NFC deployments that has significant advantages in time to market and flexibility. By enabling the handsets preferred by consumers with NFC functionality, we can let the industry create its own business models for mobile transactions and thereby realize the full potential of NFC.”

The In2Pay V3 microSD device will be available for deployments in March 2011. The solution will also be soon available for handset makers and wireless carriers to incorporate into their programs on other operating platforms such as Android, Blackberry OS and Windows Mobile.

“As a proven innovator of NFC technology and the market leader in smart card security with our SmartMX range of secure microcontrollers, NXP is pleased to be working closely with DeviceFidelity to bring a leading portfolio of plug and play secure NFC solutions to the market,” said Henri Ardevol, vice president and general manager, Secure Transactions, NXP Semiconductors. “DeviceFidelity has shown a commitment to innovation and is clearly championing the widespread adoption of NFC. We look forward to working with them to bring NFC to more people across the globe.”

DeviceFidelity has worldwide patents pending on use of the microSD technology as a plug and play NFC module with all the necessary hardware and software integrated within itself, allowing secure NFC implementations on smart-phones without complex integration requirement by handset OEMs. In addition, DeviceFidelity’s patent on iPhone accessory packing NFC functionality is expected to be granted this year in the USA, Turkey, UK, Canada, China and several more countries.

DeviceFidelity’s In2Pay V2 became the world’s first commercially type approved solution by VISA in Dec. 2010 and is currently in various stages of rollout with issuers worldwide, including some of the largest banks, wireless carriers and payment networks.