South Africa introduces a new ICAO-compliant Crew Member Certificate produced by Trüb

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As of September 2010, the Republic of South Africa will be issuing a new high- security and ICAO-compliant Crew Member Certificate for airline crews. This Crew Member Certificate, which includes the latest ICAO compliant contactless technology, can be considered a milestone on the African continent. Trüb won the tender in April 2010.

The new Crew Member Certificates will be introduced by the Republic of South Africa as of September 2010. These documents are issued to airline pilots and cabin crews to facilitate their movements at airports. In accordance with the ICAO regulation Doc 9303, the Crew Member Certificate is compliant with the e-passport reader infrastructure at airport entry points. The document is recognised as being equivalent to a biometric e-passport and is valid as such for crossing borders. It allows crew members to leave and enter South African territory.

The South African Crew Member Certificate is made of fused polycarbonate. The document is the size of a credit card and is equipped with a contactless interface. The card body is designed to last for 10 years. The technology is based on Trüb’s long experience in the field of manufacturing polycarbonate identity documents since 1995. Thanks to the card construction based on fused polycarbonate, these high-security documents prove to be mechanically robust and resistant to high temperatures – an important feature for frequently traveling crew members.

The Crew Member Certificates are personalised by means of laser engraving in a high security facility managed by the Government Printing Works in the Republic of South Africa.