Zapa contactless loyalty solution supports AIBMS Loyaltyplus

Pure coincidence but we’ve only just covered Zapa Technology at the beginning of the week (see earlier post) and here they are again. This time they’re working with AIB Merchant Services, who have just launched their new low-cost loyalty solution. AIBMS (in their words) say,

Any small to medium-sized business with the potential for repeat custom will quickly see the benefits of this solution. Whether you are an independent retail outlet or an operator of a chain of outlets eg. a restaurant, laundrette, chemist, hairdresser or petrol station, you could benefit from AIBMS loyaltyplus.

The AIBMS loyaltyplus solution is a low-cost, points based system which is integrated with the AIB Merchant Services Point of Sale terminal. This solution will capture transaction details on all cash and card transactions. Combining their Point of Sale systems with contactless cards (ZAPA TAG) from Zapa Technology, AIB say they can offer SME retail businesses a unique, cost-effective and exclusive service called AIBMS loyaltyplus.

AIBMS loyaltyplus is said to be more than just a loyalty solution. It includes the following;

  • An easy to use, configurable points reward and redemption programme to offer customers, encouraging them to increase or vary their spend with you.
  • A means to run ad-hoc or regular SMS and email communication campaigns to your customers encouraging repeat visits or informing them of special offers.
  • Easy to access on-line reports, giving you information and analysis of your customer base and their spending profile and trends.
  • The ability to select different on-line options to configure your loyalty programme set-up, to address the specific customer profile and spending patterns of your business sector.
  • A supply of ZAPA Tags to give to your customers which will enable them to register their details with you and subsequently record details of purchase transactions every time they visit.

The bank is keen to point out that this is made possible, without the need for significant investment, through the latest available Point of Sale terminal from AIB Merchant Services. AIBMS say they are rolling this out because they believe that customer loyalty is all about fostering and enriching the relationship retailers and merchants have with their customers and should reward their behavior. Companies who will win in today’s environment will be those who recognise this and take action now.

It’s good to see Zapa Technology closing in on more loyalty programs with their contactless solution.


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