‘Forum des services mobiles sans contact’ issues new whitepaper: NFC mobile phones to benefit regions

Exclusive on C-ITV!

Initiated by the French government, the Mobile Contactless Services Forum is a non-profit making association mobilizing several large companies – MNO’s, banks, retailers, medias, public transportation and the technology industry – and several contributing workgroups for reinforcing synergies between stakeholders and offer a national perspective for mobile contactless (NFC) services development.

The organization is ready to release their latest whitepaper on the subject of Near Field Communications and the benefits that NFC mobile phones (and subsequent NFC services) can bring to cities, their infrastructure and services offered by local municipal authorities. Services such as mass transport, citizen services and healthcare and education are briefly covered in the whitepaper.

With a commentary on regional city developments around the French region (including Grenoble, Rennes, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Limas and Alsace) and with a focus on the NFC pilot taking place in Nice at the moment, the whitepaper should be used as a useful tool for other local governments around Europe interested in furthering their understanding of  NFC city infrastructure.

The whitepaper can be downloaded by following this link