NFC key fob by Sagem Orga has been announced as finalist for a Monkey!

Sagem Orga – NFC key fob (Germany) is finalist in the category Trailblazing & Innovation – Awarded to those companies who have done to most to further the boundaries of contactless technology either through technology introduction or pilot programs.

SIMply NFC Key Fob is a smart mobile accessory powered by the Sagem Orga technology. It adds Near Field Communication (NFC) capability to every existing and future mobile phones. The contactless infrastructure is linked to SIMply NFC Key Fob by using the classic ISO14443 technology. The Key Fob is linked to the SIM of the mobile phone through a wireless protocol – hence we have a full link between the contactless infrastructure and the SIM in the handset – through our innovative architecture, we are very close to the so expected SWP model.

The first prototype has been designed in collaboration with Telenor, ST Microelectronics, SIMlink and Radionor.