C-ITV: Spring is in the air

This week finally feels like Spring is in the air; the sun is shining, plants are starting to grow and even the contactless world is showing signs of new activities and projects. In the US, a large department store has started using mobile couponing, where customers receive barcode vouchers (either via text or the website), that are scanned and redeemed at checkout. In France, an exciting contactless application has been developed for phones in the Hospitality industry, where a unique, encrypted audio signal can be used to open hotel rooms. And in Belgium, the government have published a report focusing on NFC vouchers, to understand the feasibility and complexities of this new market.

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This week on C-ITV' The Launch Pad – Michael Wehmeier – CEO Comprion GmbH
On the Launch Pad – Michael Wehmeier, CEO of Comprion GmbH

This week on C-ITV’ the Launch Pad, we hear from Michael Wehmeier, CEO of Comprion GmbH, who demonstrated their rigorous testing techniques for NFC applications during this years Mobile World Congress.

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