This week on C-ITV

What great news we’ve just received in the UK – a real boost to contactless morale. The contactless limit has been increased from £10 to £15, which should help the technology on many levels. Bearing in mind the majority of usage is in London, these days very little can be bought for £10, so an increased limit will provide current users with more opportunities to use their cards. And, perhaps more importantly, it will widen the scope for contactless implementation – pubs, cinemas, car parks and supermarkets now have a better reason to invest in contactless, with a more realistic limit in place.

Hopefully this will provide the push, contactless needs to reach critical mass in London. With just a few weeks to go to our annual conference in London, April 29th – make sure you have organised your participation to showcase the valuable part you play in our contactless world.

This week on C-ITV, we talk to Visa, Telefonica O2, Samsung, la Caixa, G&D and ITN International about their recent SIM-based NFC trial during the Mobile World Congress show and find out how this impacts the plans they have for NFC in the future.