Meet the Monkey Awards Nominees – High Throughput Beverage

It’s the battle of the beverages (sorry, couldn’t resist!) for this category and so far it seems to come down to coffee versus cola. Is there anything else – we don’t think so. It’s the High Throughput Beverage category. So let’s look at the nominees and why they made the final. First up it’s Prêt… Read More

Meet the Monkey Awards Nominees – In Restaurant Dining

For the next few weeks, we’re turning the blog over to Contactless Intelligence and letting them do the run down of the categories and nominations for the 2010 Monkey awards, sponsored by VISA Europe. Both here on the Krowne blog and on C-I.TV we’re going to give more information about the categories and the final nominees… Read More

RFinity Nominated for Contactless Intelligence’s Monkey Award for Trailblazing and Innovation

RFinity, a technology company specializing in secure near field communications (NFC) mobile payment transactions, has been nominated by Contactless Intelligence (CI) for its Monkey Award in the category of Trailblazing and Innovation. The award recognizes exemplary companies worldwide that further the boundaries of contactless technology through product introduction or pilot programs. The winners will be… Read More

Finalists announced for the 2009 Contactless Intelligence Monkey Awards.

On 1st and 2nd April 2009 we will be holding our Annual Contactless Intelligence Spring Conference and on the evening of 1st April will host the Monkey Awards. These Awards are presented to those companies, organizations and retailers who have done the most to embrace and implement contactless technology into their day-to-day operating practices. They represent… Read More