VIDEO: Could a Facebook account replace an ID card? An interview with German blogger Sascha Lobo

This is an interview we did with German blogger and internet technology expert, Sascha Lobo, for Security News TV. Sascha blogs and speaks on the subject of new internet technology and its impact on social development. We caught up with him at Omnicard 2011 in Berlin, where he was a keynote speaker and asked him for… Read More

Bundesdruckerei and Gothaer Versicherungen offer online function for the new German ID card

Gothaer Allgemeine Versicherung is the first company in Germany to be officially authorised by the Federal Administration Office (BVA) to use electronic proof of ID. At the same time, the company opted for the eID Service and authorisation certificates from Bundesdruckerei GmbH for the new online authentication function. The new German ID card launched on… Read More

Germany introduces national eID card – the beginning of a new application era?

Today is the day hundreds, maybe thousands of security specialists, card developers, application developers, regional councils, politicians and civil servants have been working towards for more than 2 years: The official start of the German eID card – the neue Personalausweis. Just about everything is NEW about this document – the format, the functions, the infrastructure. German… Read More