COMPRION sets the standard for a new generation of SIM spy tools

The MiniMove responds to the testing needs of card and handset manufacturers, application developers and network operators for a very small, USB powered quality trace tool which helps to ensure interoperability between the individual components involved with the (U)SIM interface. MiniMove detects communication errors between handsets and Smart Cards and analyses them accordingly. With dimensions of only 82 x… Read More

Contactless prepaid card solution for South African public transit fares demonstration at Cartes

At the heart of South Africa’s new contactless, prepaid smart card system for public transit fares, Aconite Prepaid Value Manager manages complex processing specific to smart prepaid products. Integrated with Traderoot Africa (Pty) Ltd’s Universal Prepaid Issuing Platform (UPIP) software, this software solution is licensed to a large South African transit payments processor and approved… Read More