Bringing focus to Africa for the Silicon Trust

featured africa bannerKrowne is currently working with partners in the Silicon Trust (a platform managed and developed by Krowne) to bring focus onto the projects and development taking place on the African continent.

Development agencies are bullish on Africa’s prospects. The World Bank’s June 2014 Global Economic Prospects report listed sub-Saharan Africa as one of the fastest-growing regions globally. However, while Africa’s economic growth is accelerating, the benefits are still by far unevenly distributed. For social development to match economic growth and generate long-term gains, inclusiveness is essential. There is a clear need for robust national systems that provide digital identity to all Africans, ensuring that everyone can access government services and benefits, prove their eligibility and be included in Africa’s economic takeoff.

This is one of the reasons the Silicon Trust is looking towards spotlighting projects and pilots taking place in Africa and working with program and event coordinators at some of the bigger Africa-based ID and security conferences out there to ensure exposure for their partners.

For further details and to find out more, either check the Silicon Trust website or contact Veronica Atkins directly using our contact form.