ESP #2 Custom Magazine is out now!

ESP_featureWe released the 2nd ESP Magazine to coincide with the Open Standards Forum that we hosted in London last week (29th April 2015).

It’s crammed with news from the Digital High Street, the latest CIPURSE developments from Samsung and an interesting interview with Jaime Patino Escobar, CEO of Stratosgroup, looking at the city of Medellin and the how Open Standards opened the doors to innovation in this major Colombian city. Ralph Gambetta also talks us through the Smart Ticketing Alliance – all interesting stuff, so download at the link below.

It’s fairly technical content but it does give a very impression of what is possible for custom publishing for a short form magazine readily available for a ‘special’ forum or event. At least the participants were happy with it – we’re cleaned out! But with digital batch printing so easily these days – it’s not a problem to print more…

Download the magazine here.