Platinum Award for Corporate Publishing

Remember when we told you about the nomination for the Econ Award in the category “Magazine”? Well, last week the shortlisted “Einmalig 12” was awarded with the highest possible award category – Platinum. In fact, in the ten award categories, only two platinum awards were handed out as, in the opinion of the judges, the quality just wasn’t high enough to justify more.

That makes our award even more special and we are mighty proud. More than that, we think that it proves our point of view, that investments in corporate publishing can bring a return if you are brave enough to think outside the box a little.

This is what the panel of judges had to say:

“The excellently designed magazine surprised with a wide interpretation of the theme “identity”. Bundesdruckerei as a manufacturer of identification documents has the courage, to illustrate this topic with unusual content. The magazine tells compelling stories, sets new standards in terms of design and “thinking” beyond the company’s horizon – it produces a real image boost.”

A couple of days later, German business paper The Handelsblatt, commented on the awards in a similar tone:

“The Bundeswehr (German Army) proves that public sector institutions do not have to hide behind private sector companies in terms of corporate communications. This analysis can also be applied to another winner: Bundesdruckerei GmbH, with the help of financial investors firmly back in the hands of the government after an unsuccessful period of privatization, received for her magazine “EINMALIG” platinum, the highest award in a category at all. This lavish magazine captures with intense imagery and varied editorial contributions and guest commentaries society issues, whose relation to the company is not always immediately recognisable. “Identities” was one of the focus topics. Bundesdruckerei produces, among other, ID cards “  Original quote in German here 

This coverage by a leading business paper shows once again that even the most critical target group – namely journalists – can be reached by corporate publishing. With Einmalig 12, Krowne proved that innovative design carries a message more effectively and creates lasting resonance.

PS: Next up are the European Excellence Awards in Amsterdam – we will let you know how that went in December.

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