KOBN Blog moves to KOBN.tv

We’re having a little change with the Krowne network. From now on ALL KOBN posts are appearing on their own separate blog, titled, appropriately enough, KOBN.TV. This will allow us at Krowne to use this blog address to post news and items that are more, well, Krowne related.

Ranging from news about what we’re doing, projects we’re working on and clients we’re working with (if they are OK with that), this blog will also allow us an outlet of a more personal nature on the company. And armed with our trsuty iPhones and as a many camera apps as we can fit on them, we also hope to be able to post some of the photos we take at various events along the way.

So remember, if you want to follow the KOBN news network, then the blog to subscribe to is KOBN.TV on kobn.wordpress.com or follow this link right here!