INSIDE Secure licenses advanced ARM SecurCore technology

INSIDE Secure today announced its intention to provide 32-bit secure processor solutions based on the industry-leading ARM(R)architecture.  Under the terms of a licensing agreement with ARM, INSIDE can now utilize the ARM SecurCore (R) SC300 (TM) processor for its next generation of secure payments, digital security and NFC solutions.

“This new partnership provides continuity with and expands upon the ARM IP license INSIDE inherited when it acquired the Secure Microcontroller Solutions business from Atmel last year,” said Christian Fleutelot, executive vice president, digital security and general manager, VaultIC at INSIDE Secure. “ARM is an important partner for INSIDE, and with this licensing agreement we now have a greater opportunity to apply the latest ARM SecurCore technology wherever appropriate across our entire product portfolio.”

According to Fleutelot, licensing the ARM SecurCore 32-bit processor family IP offers INSIDE easy access to the small die size, energy efficiency, low cost, excellent code density and outstanding performance of the ARM SecurCore 32-bit technology.

“This agreement further underscores the continuing market momentum we have achieved with our 32-bit SecurCore technology as embedded smart card and other technologies migrate to a variety of mobile devices for payment, transit and other secure applications,” said Haydn Povey, director of product marketing, processor division, ARM. “We are confident that the combination of the performance, size and power efficiency benefits of our SecurCore technology, with INSIDE’s expertise in secure contactless, contact, embedded and NFC technologies will result in the development of a broad range of innovative, high-performance secure devices.”

The ARM SecurCore processor family provides powerful 32-bit secure solutions based upon the ARM architecture and incorporates advanced security features that make SecurCore processors an ideal choice for payment, NFC secure element, pay TV, e-ID, transit, access control and other secure applications.