FIME to Deliver NFC Forum Certification

FIME, a global leader in consulting and market integration services for near field communication (NFC) solutions, has achieved NFC Forum Authorization for its laboratories. This allows FIME to conduct the required tests that will confirm a device’s compliance to the NFC Forum’s technical specifications and attain certification from the industry body.

In 2010 the NFC Forum – a global association which advances the use of NFC technology – launched a certification program to support industry interoperability and provide device behavior assurances within the marketplace. As an Authorized NFC Forum Laboratory, FIME can now work with device manufacturers to enable them to achieve industry certification for their products, which will allow them to use and display the N-Mark*.

FIME’s ISO 17025 accredited laboratories in Asia and Europe have been approved by the NFC Forum to provide certification testing.

Pascal Le Ray, CEO at FIME, comments: “It is an exciting time for the NFC marketplace as we see more and more contactless applications being deployed. To guarantee the longevity of this technology, however, we need to ensure that certain standards are established and maintained to create a secure, workable and sustainable infrastructure. Interoperability between NFC devices is key and the NFC Forum Certification Program gives increased assurances that certified products are compatible.”

The NFC Forum Certification Program will advance as technical specifications evolve, with the next phase expected to be released in 2012. In addition to FIME becoming an Authorized Laboratory for current certification, it is actively contributing to the completion of the next phase by delivering technical writing services.

Le Ray adds: “FIME has been an active participant in the development of contactless and NFC solutions and services for a number of years, working with the transport sector as well as leading payment schemes. FIME is accredited by MasterCard and Visa for performing NFC evaluations amongst other activities. We are delighted to now be able to offer official NFC device certification which we recognize is a significant step forward for the industry.”


*Only companies whose products pass NFC Forum Certification testing are able to display the N-Mark, the universal symbol for NFC, on their devices.