ViVOtech Introduces ViVOnfc Software Suite 3.0

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ViVOtech, the near field communication (NFC) software and systems company, today announced the third generation of its   ViVOnfc™ Software Suite, the most collaborative and widely field tested Trusted Service Manager (TSM), over-the-air (OTA) provisioning, and digital wallet software for NFC handsets.

“NFC mobile commerce is quickly moving from promise to reality,” said Michael (Mick) Mullagh, ViVOtech CEO. “ViVOtech has a long history of NFC software ‘firsts’ and this release is no exception by providing the key building blocks to enable multiple players in the complex NFC ecosystem to interoperate at scale and provide transformative rich payment, shopping and loyalty experience for consumers.”

The ViVOnfc™ Software Suite 3.0 – based on ViVOtech’s patented two-server software TSM architecture – comprises TSM provisioning software, the ViVOnfc Issuer Server, ViVOnfc Control Server and ViVOwallet® Library.

ViVOnfc TSM provisioning software creates a secure, OTA channel for mobile network operators (MNO), handset manufacturers, banks, merchants, and their chosen TSM partners, to provision credit, debit, prepaid, loyalty, and transit transportation cards to the secure storage on NFC-enabled mobile phones. The ViVOnfc TSM software also enables delivery of mobile marketing content to consumers such as personalized and location-based coupons, offers, promotions and rewards programs through a SPAM free authenticated mobile network. ViVOnfc software has been widely tested through more than 20 field trials, including the largest to date conducted last year by Citi and Vodafone using more than 3,000 NFC handsets.

ViVOnfc Issuer Server is used for OTA provisioning by credit, debit, and prepaid card issuers; merchant, loyalty and transit card issuers; and ticket, coupon or offers issuers. The server sends application data to the Secure Element or baseband memory of an NFC phone.  The server also allows the card issuer to set up and manage soft-cards in NFC mobile wallet applications, powered with ViVOwallet Library.  Hosted in the application issuer datacenter or a TSM, the Issuer Server can work with multiple TSM services run by an MNO, handset player, bank, or by a TSM on behalf of an MNO, handset player, or bank.

ViVOnfc Control Server, when run by a TSM, facilitates the OTA provisioning functions, and provides life cycle management of secure element and supported applications.  It directs requests from the digital wallet application running on a phone to the Issuer Server supporting the application issuer’s back-office systems. The Control Server allows a TSM to interact with multiple Issuer Servers, and provides the most scalable interoperable solution for multiple NFC ecosystem players by enabling a mobile network operator (MNO) or a handset maker to build a richer and broader revenue stream from its NFC offerings, and monetize the real estate of the NFC secure element most effectively.

ViVOwallet Library is versatile NFC-enabling software that has an intuitive user interface which runs on mobile phones.  ViVOwallet software is used to create a digital wallet on an NFC phone, that can access and securely manage multiple payment, loyalty, and transit cards, coupons, and tickets, stored in the wallet. ViVOwallet enables the OTA provisioning channel for soft-card data and payment applications on the handset, and provides management of the applications in the mobile phone’s secure element and baseband memory. ViVOwallet software works with all point-of-sale (POS) systems and terminals for payment, loyalty, and coupons redemptions that are equipped with ViVOpay® or other contactless readers. To date, ViVOtech has shipped more than 800,000 contactless readers.

ViVOtech’s new patents cover several additional important features of the ViVOnfc Software Suite 3.0,  including:

  • An easy to use and opt-in function for a consumer to request secure download of their payment cards into an NFC handset anytime, anywhere, by self-authenticating to their card issuers through mobile networks.
  • The ability of an issuer to provision their branded image, customer support information and other relevant information from their plastic cards to the card holder’s mobile devices, providing a unique card issuer brand, and look and feel, on the mobile screen.
  • The ability to allow first-time provisioning of single payment or loyalty cards one at a time, as well as existing users to provision multiple cards when switching mobile phones.

“ViVOtech has been at the forefront of in-store mCommerce since its inception,“ said Mohammad Khan, president and founder of ViVOtech “Our patented third generation NFC Software Suite provides all of the essential software and systems required to forever transform how consumers shop and pay for goods and services, receive and take advantage of special offers and advertising, and use their mobile phones in totally new ways that make their lives easier.”

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