accells new contactless service turns any mobile phone into a Contactless Key for loyalty programs (and for access to any other service…)

The contactless network provider accells is to introduces its contactless network at the Mobile World Congress2011 in Barcelona. The new accells network turns any mobile phone into the mobile contactless key for fast, secure and easy-to-use access to a ready-to-use loyalty program and to any other service offered by 3rd parties such as mobile network operators, financial service providers, retailers, remittance companies, and billers.

At the POS, accells aims to facilitate interaction and communication via the mobile phone for common services in emerging markets such as money transfers, merchant and bill payments, airtime top-up and access to health care services as well as for new services in developed markets such as new cashless payment methods, general access control, and ticketing for transportation, entertainment, and events.

By linking a contactless Tag or any NFC-enabled phone to the mobile phone number, accells creates NFC-like exciting opportunities for consumers which are often faster than cash or traditional magnetic stripe transactions, as they eliminate the need to hand over and swipe the card or sign the receipt. Merchants get access to the network via variety of POS terminals (standard POS, mobile POS, mobile handset, and web terminals).

accells offers its cloud-based network services as well as contactless products used by merchants and consumers. As accells aggregates the offerings of 3rd party service providers at the merchant’s point of sale, it will itself create value by promoting new loyalty services and analytical/MIS services via the mobile phone. This creates benefits for consumers, merchants, and service providers, reconciling the conflicts inherent in many of today’s loyalty models.

“Our mobile based network service has the potential to enrich the point-of-sale experience for everyone involved: the consumer, the merchant, the mobile network operator, and the financial institutions through which payments are made,” said Eduardo Shoval, CEO of accells.

Through our contactless key, consumers benefit from a fast and convenient access to daily services while adding loyalty points along the way. The merchant can process transactions more efficiently, implement its own loyalty program, and add 3rd party offers to its current portfolio. Mobile network operators which work with us can achieve higher ARPU, less churn and greater market share. And financial service providers will benefit from a stronger protection against identity theft and other fraud losses. Our contactless network will dramatically change the way point-of-sale is perceived”.

accells will demo its new service at the Mobile World Congress from 14-17 February in Barcelona.

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