Oberthur Technologies launches a Paper SIM Card

Oberthur Technologies, the world’s second largest provider of security and identification solutions and services based on smart card technologies, has launched the PaperSIM, a premium sustainable plant-based SIM card body made from 100% paper. The PaperSIM is a natural high-tech card body composed of recyclable and biodegradable wood fibres designed to respect the eco-system.

With respect to the highest social & environmental standards on the market, the newly created PaperSIM card body uses fibers originating from managed sources. Compliant with ISO & GSM standards, the PaperSIM limits the use of non-renewable resources, minimizes harm to the natural world by using biodegradable ingredients and reduces the impact on the global carbon footprint.

Preserving the environment remains a central concern for Oberthur Technologies, who invests continuously in research and development for new and environmentally friendly methods and materials, whilst ensuring quality and respecting standards.

The PaperSIM card reflects the company’s total commitment to help sustain the long term viability of the planet.

The PaperSIM card meets mobile operators’ demands for a high technology, sustainable alternative for SIM Cards” comments Xavier Drilhon, Managing Director Card Systems Division, Oberthur Technologies, “We are delighted to provide nature friendly products and solutions that balance our customers’ needs with the expectations of end-users’ and show our responsibility for the environment.”