Trüb signs a development and supply agreement with SIX Card Solutions for a new chip generation for Swiss Maestro and V PAY cards

Trüb AG, a manufacturers of bank and loyalty cards as well as identification documents has established itself as a supplier of the new chip generation for Swiss Maestro and V PAY cards. Trüb’s chip card operating system CombOS® is one of two operating systems on which the new EMVI’12 chip generation will be based beginning from 2012.

Every four to five years, SIX Card Solutions develops a new chip specification by order of the Swiss debit card manufacturers. Two suppliers are evaluated in a formal bidding process to develop and supply the new chip generation independently from one another. The new chip generation is called EMVI’12 and planned for the production years 2012 to 2016, thereby

replacing the current EMVI’08 chip. The EMVI’12 chip generation is based on the CPA (Common Payment Application) chip specification, which is accepted by both MasterCard and Visa for their cards.

The advantages of the contact-based CombOS® operating system is that it integrates MasterCard’s and Visa’s safe payment applications on the same platform. Since the implementation of the CombOS® product range in 2005, Trüb AG has had its own powerful EMV operating system (EMV=Europay/MasterCard/Visa) for bank cards. It can be used for debit, credit, e-banking and e-commerce cards. Moreover, CombOS® supports most of the ISO-7816 functions, which are required for loyalty applications.