Barnes International Receives Mastercard Qualification of Card Personalization Validation (CPV) Module

Barnes International has announced  the qualification of its MasterCard Card Personalization Test Module (CPV module) for MasterCard Worldwide to the latest CPV Personalization Validation Tool (PVT) Requirements version 3.3, dated May 2010.  This further adds to the effectiveness and accuracy of the Barnes CPT3000v3 and CAT3000v3 PVT Test Tools.

The new CPV 3.3 module complements Barnes’ CAT3000v3 and CPT3000v3 Personalisation Validation Test Tools by providing rigorous, comprehensive and rapid card validation prior to submission to MasterCard Worldwide for approval.  It is the latest addition to Barnes’ EMV Chip Personalisation Test Tool (CPT) range and is part of the ongoing development program for the CPT3000v3 and CAT3000v3 Card Personalisation Validation Tools in use by payment schemes, banks, card manufacturers, personalisation bureaux and test laboratories worldwide.

The CPV 3.3 module is now available to existing and new users of Barnes’ CPT3000v3 and CAT3000v3 Test Tools to allow them to pre-validate cards prior to approval, using the same tests as employed by MasterCard Worldwide for M/Chip and PayPass™ card testing.  The module is qualified to validate card personalization to M/Chip (March 2009), M/Chip Personalization Data Specifications and Profiles (June 2009), PayPass™ Personalization Data Specifications v 1.5 (July 2009), One Smart Pre-Authorisation (January 2005), M/Chip Card Personalization Standard Profiles (February 2010) and M/Chip Card Personalization Standard Profiles Including PayPass (February 2010).

Christian Delporte, Head of Chip Engineering at MasterCard Worldwide, comments: “We are pleased that the CPV module offered by Barnes International, a recognized player in the chip testing market, is qualified to CPV version 3.3 as part of the MasterCard program.  MasterCard issuers will directly benefit from this qualified test tool to prepare for the formal Card Personalization Validation (CPV) session.  MasterCard will inform its customers about qualified test tools via the MasterCard OnLine™ website which reflects the latest status of all qualified tools.”

Brian Summerhayes, Managing Director of Barnes International, adds: “We are extremely pleased to announce the qualification of our CPV 3.3 module to MasterCard’s latest PVT requirements.  We have been working very closely with MasterCard for many years and this latest version of CPV further improves the ability of MasterCard issuers, card manufacturers and personalization bureaux to accelerate card approval by providing the best possible preparation for the official process.  We shall continue to work closely with MasterCard and the other payment schemes to continue to enhance the process of improving and expediting card approval and quality control testing tools for issuers and manufacturers.”

Originally launched in 1999, the CPT3000v3 and CAT3000v3 are the latest versions of Barnes’ Personalization Validation Tool (PVT) and include features and enhancements suggested by its global customer base.  Barnes’ PVT offers quick and thorough testing, as well as PCI/DSS compliance.