MasterCard enabling US M-commerce with new initiatives

MasterCard Worldwide have announced the launch of the MasterCard MarketPlace™ Overwhelming Offers iPhone app – the company’s latest effort to revolutionize the mobile commerce experience for consumers in the US.

A result of MasterCard’s exclusive alliance with Next Jump, a next-generation e-commerce company, the MasterCard MarketPlace Overwhelming Offer iPhone app is bringing to the mobile phone the e-commerce experience provided by MarketPlace, MasterCard’s online shopping experience portal. Simply by tapping, MasterCard’s innovation enables consumers to access MasterCard MarketPlace, a personalized shopping platform with customized deals and offers from selected merchants, ultimately allowing them to buy the goods and services that they need and want from wherever they may be with a simple and consistent experience across their connected devices.

“At MasterCard, we are leveraging the latest technology and innovation to create products and solutions that enable a simple, seamless, secure and valuable payments experience wherever they want to shop,” said Josh Peirez, Chief Innovation Officer, MasterCard Worldwide. “As we focus on bringing the consistency of the e-commerce environment to consumers’ mobile devices, the MasterCard MarketPlace Overwhelming Offers app is the latest example of how our collaboration with Next Jump is helping consumers to become smarter, savvier shoppers on their own terms.”

The sale of physical merchandise via mobile phones hit $1.2 billion in 2009, according to ABI Research Inc., and is projected to reach $2.2 billion in 2010. With MasterCard MarketPlace Overwhelming Offers™ iPhone app, merchants will be able to improve their relationships with shoppers by offering special deals to those seeking to make purchases from them through their mobile devices while also capturing the additional mobile commerce revenue opportunity.

“By redirecting merchant advertising spend from traditional methods to create better pricing for consumers and generate guaranteed sales, Next Jump is providing substantial benefits to both consumers and merchants,” said Charlie Kim, CEO, Next Jump. “Our ongoing relationship with MasterCard is helping us to take our capabilities to the next level in a way that helps consumers and merchants to connect through whatever device consumers choose to connect to the internet – including their iPhones.”

Showing MasterCard Cardholders the Mobile Money

The MasterCard MarketPlace Overwhelming Offers provides shoppers access to Black Friday door-buster deals of 50 percent or more on brand new, brand name products via their iPhone utilizing Next Jump’s merchant network.

Every weekday at noon eastern (excluding holidays), a deep discounted, limited time and quantity, reservation-only offer is posted from one of MasterCard’s well-known retail brand partners. Key shopping days offer up to 24 Overwhelming Offers in a day (1 per hour). Some recent favorites include netbooks for $150, digital cameras at $100 off and $100 gift certificates for $50. The MasterCard MarketPlace Overwhelming Offers iPhone app will make it easier for MasterCard cardholders on-the-go to secure these highly demanded reservations, by providing access via mobile devices.

The app is available for free download at the US iPhone App Store only, located at