RFinity and Citizens Community Bank partner to expand pilot to offer convenient mobile payment capability at local Rexburg merchants

Idaho Falls-based technology company (and recipient of a CI Monkey Award earlier this year) RFinity have announced that they have launched the next phase of a pilot program providing a secure mobile payment option for residents in nearby Rexburg, Idaho, location of the first pilot. During this next phase, RFinity has secured a cooperative agreement with Rexburg’s Citizens Community Bank (CCB), where current and prospective account-holders of CCB may enroll in the program and then use their mobile devices to conduct transactions with participating merchants using RFinity’s secure near field communications (NFC) technology.

The first phase of the pilot program was implemented on the Brigham Young University-Idaho (BYU-I) campus, where students and employees use the technology to make purchases at the University Store and other on-campus locations. Pilot participants appreciate the ease of use, security, and convenience of RFinity’s technology. RFinity recently added its 1,000th pilot participant at the BYU-I campus.

“We are thrilled at the positive response we’ve received from the students at BYU-I for our technology. The success at BYU-I has allowed us to expand the pilot to include local merchants,” said interim RFinity CEO Steve McCown. “RFinity and its partnership with the Citizens Community Bank will enable a broader base of users to take advantage of this groundbreaking and advanced technology. We look forward to further expanding that base in the future.”

With the launch of this second phase, program participants who have accounts at Citizens Community Bank in Rexburg can, once linked to the RFinity technology, use their mobile devices to make purchases at locations of merchants participating in the pilot.

“We are very excited to be working with RFinity on this project. They have developed an innovative product that we are thrilled to offer our customers,” said Citizens Community Bank’s Rexburg Branch Manager, Karl Boehm.

The technology works by attaching a unique, one-time-use encrypted code to each transaction, activated by the user entering a personal authorization code. This protects personal information from being intercepted or used for payment in case of theft or losing one’s phone, making payment more convenient and secure than credit or debit cards. CCB customers can establish a checking account payment link in a matter of minutes at the bank, allowing them to use RFinity with the mobile point-of-sale devices at participating merchant locations.

Those interested in the added security and convenience of RFinity can visit the Rexburg branch of Citizens Community Bank to open an account or link their current membership to an RFinity account.


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