The thing about awards…

Will we take one of these lovelies home? Well, let's see. At least there's free drink!

At Krowne we don’t take much notice of awards. We think they are overrated. We are above and beyond this kind of gadget. Well….at least until we are nominated. As we just have been. For the Best in Corporate Publishing (BCP) Award. Then we like them and we get quite excited. We are also very happy for our client who took a giant leap of faith to let us a do a custom publication like no one else has done. The whole concept behind it is uniqueness – just like our customer’s products – so each issue is completely different – size, material, style, binding. Anyway, the 10th issue of the unique project is now nominated for a BCP Award in the B2C category Telecommunications/IT. How exhilarating. We will be putting on our frocks on June 30th and travel to Hamburg. And just like our all-time favorite, Bill Shatner, when he sat in the audience once again nominated for an Emmy – we will be aware of the cameras on our solemn faces and make sure we do not show the slightest sign of disappointment in case we have to go home empty-handed. We will keep you posted!