Who needs politics?

from Susan Hicks – Contactless Intelligence

As election fever starts to grip the UK, it’s rather refreshing to be able to look at contactless implementations farther afield, without having to wonder if a change in government could affect the future of contactless schemes in the transport, ID and payment sectors.

In Taiwan, consumers can now use their pre-paid EasyCards outside of the transport environment, to make purchases in a wide variety of food, beverage and retail establishments, using different form factors (phones, watches, cards etc.). In the US, one of the major banks is rumoured to be preparing to issue stickers to its customers, to kick-start the uptake of NFC payments. And in China, one of the major mobile network operators is looking to add NFC technology to its portfolio, recognising that it is the technology of choice for financial establishments.

Oh well, only another three weeks or so to go before the UK settles back to normality. At least I have our Spring Conference to look forward to in the meantime!

This week on C-ITV, join Richard Titus CEO of AND in the UK, Jeff Glueck, CEO of Skyfire, Mark Anderson, CEO of HipLogic, James Lamberti, VP Global Marketing of Inmobi and a host of others, for a look at what it’s going to take to Monetize the Mobile Space. An exclusive documentary filmed at this years Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

This weeks news feed articles can be found by following the link here.

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