UK Government gets serious with ID cards – uses YouTube

I had to laugh at these YouTube videos that the Identity and Passport Service are putting out at the moment (watch an example below).

They are actually well made and try to get the basic information across. The campaign is also pretty tight with a lot of effort going into it. I’m not sure though, having dealt with this market for 10 years now, that using the fingerprint as the character is the best way to go but I may just be too jaded. The Identity and Passport Service are downplaying the digital identity factor a little and focusing on the more fundamental benefits (it’s like a passport for your wallet). So why have a fingerprint for a character? Identity? Yes. But it still has some negative connotations in this specific regard.

On the whole though, I thinks it’s quite well done, but like everything else, the real test will be to see how many people sign up for an ID card. This one is going to have to run and run. You can watch  more videos and have a look at the Identity and Passport Services weblog here.

One small point worth mentioning though. The comment section in YouTube is turned off. Deliberate? (Obviously). Or simply that YouTube was used as a way to get the videos uploaded to the weblog? Who knows, but it does mean no feedback. Again, good or bad thing? What do you think?

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